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Monday, February 22, 2010

The mound

It had been a peaceful day in park before the strange explosion happened. It started as a little mound, pushing it's way up the dirt. A small child poked it, and ran quickly when it only made the mound bigger. Before long it was about the size of a basketball and pulsating. Several people had gathered around it, wondering what it was. Aaron Wilkins was a scientist, fascinated by the phenomenon. He poked it as well, but instead of growing, the mound exploded--knocking him face down in the grass. As he started to get himself up, he noticed something strange, he could see his own body a few feet away. It was like he was literally beside himself. That's when he looked down to find a bigger horror. This wasn't an out-of-body hallucination, he was literally in someone else's body! Judging from the jeans and high heels, he had switched with one of the other people who had crowded around the mound, a very beautiful blonde woman...

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