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Monday, February 1, 2010


Donald's mom had always encouraged him to go into science, and he could never figure out why. Even when he faltered in his childhood, she told him that he knew he was destined to do something great. Now, in his 40s, that greatness was about to be realized. He had invented a transporter, and after several tests, it was finally time for a human subject. Donald insisted he be allowed to be first. But when he entered, something went horribly wrong. Time and space warped, and he found himself in not only the wrong location, but in the wrong time and in the wrong body! The face of the woman he now was looked eerily familiar, and after digging through some things in the house he was in, he figured out was 1967, and he was in the body of his own mother! His own mother as a teenager! The lifetime of pressure she laid on him finally made sense--she did it because it had to happen, just a he would have to do now to start the cycle over again.

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