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Friday, February 12, 2010

Take You Daughter to Work Day (Part 7)

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Because his job was mostly responsible for the swap, Justin didn't have to quit just because he was now in his daughter's body. However, his co-workers were somewhat concerned with how hard he worked and how readily he volunteered to be the test subject for many experiments. He was very particular with his work though; he only involved himself with activities that he hoped would lead to a possibility of reversing the swap with his daughter. Today he was wearing a skintight suit infused with nanotechnology. The suit was supposed to project a hologram around the wearer to give them the appearance of another person. Justin had made a modifcation that would make the technology work in a way that would not just project an image, but morph his body. He was in anticipation as his co-worker stood by, waiting to simply flick a switch.

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