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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Second date

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Malcolm didn't exactly know how he traveled back in time some 20 years to inhabit his sister's body, but he saw it as a second chance to be closer to her. However, history seemed to be set on repeating itself. He saw his own body go to college and not look back, just as he had done. His heard his mom cry one day, sad that her "little boy never called." When he was he was in his old body, he'd be angry for calling him "little boy;" but in his sister's body, he could only find it in himself to console her. He promised (as her) that she'd go to college close by. Though the years, as his sister, he remained close to his parents. He learned things about them that he had never known, and he was not only learning things about his sister, but living them first hand! It had been 7 years since the swap, it had really taken that long for him to be truly comfortable in his sister's body. He hadn't even been on a date as his sister since that first night. But now, he was on his way to another one. And it wouldn't be long before he found out something about his sister that he wish he hadn't--how she lost her virginity.

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