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Friday, February 5, 2010


Dave had been feeling a strange tingling feeling in his body all day. By nightfall it had grown to consume his entire body, ultimately giving him a jolt of pleasure before it disapated. After it went away, Dave noticed that his body had completely changed; the breasts now on his chest were a dead giveaway. He reached down in between his legs, feeling a moist hole where his penis once was. His sexual curiosity got the better of him as he rubbed his new crotch feverishly. It wasn't long before he was doing all sort of wild things like tit-fucking the base of a lamp. He was so pre-occupied that he had not noticed the changes to his clothes nor to his surroundings. He was now wearing a skimpy top and the lamp had morphed into a pole. He mind jolted back when he felt a hand tugging slightly on the waistline of his panties...

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