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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sidelined (Part 5)

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Michael was furious when the time came for Keiko to return to Japan, and she still hadn't swapped their bodies back. He was forced to go to Japan as her. He was surprised upon his arrival that he seemed to be able to understand and speak Japanese fluently (though it made sense since Keiko had never struggled with English in his body). A bigger surprise was that in her room, he found the reversal spell--though it seemed far too late now that he was thousands of miles from his old body. However, once Michael started attending Keiko's final year of studies, the teachers quickly became impressed. Since they had no idea of the swap, they assumed Keiko's English skills simply benefited from her short time aborad. They offered a scholarship to any American University. Michael jumped home with glee that day--he knew where Keiko was attending college in his body, and now he had a way to follow her and get his body back! He just had to wait one more year!


  1. great story with many surprises

  2. Very good story & use of pics. She seems very happy as him! I love it that they daate ( LOL!) I wonder how far they go? Great touch with him speaking Japanese. I hope you continue it soon! I wonder if he is being tricked and maybe the spell will make him a willing, devoted wife or something?

  3. This may be your best series! Many great twists and turns, like them dating ( how fr did they do I wonder>) and that she seems better at football them him & enjoys being man & an American. Great touch that Mike can speak Japanese.
    I can't help but wonder if the spell is genenuine or when 'she' gets back to Us after spending almost 2 years as her will Mike even WANT to swap back?

  4. Sixth part coming soon! Seriously!