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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Growling (Part 5)

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In the hours since the Great Shift, Benjamin did his best to figure out his current predicament. It seemed a dog occupied his human body, and he was inside the body of a woman named Marsha, which he found out after speaking to some of her friends. Many were concerned that they couldn't figure out who Marsha had swapped into, including Benjamin himself. By the end of the night, he had thown up his hands and was ready to go home. Unable to get his keys from his own growling body, he was thankful that one of Marsha's friends knew where she had placed her jacket and purse. He figured it made more sense to go to her home anyway; that way he'd have access to a fitting wardrobe and any new feminine needs. Marsha could only watch the scene in sadness, now inside the body of a dog and unable to communicate with anyone. She eventually decided to follow Benjamin back to her home, hoping he'd be able to put the clues together.


  1. Marsha nightmare goes on. A sexy girl in a mens dogs body. She can never wear more thongs....bras.....pantyhose....high heels and make up. Now more boobs and sexy butt and legs....and never her beautiful face.