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Friday, January 15, 2010


Dimitri had been working as the circus strongman for as long as he could remember, but in the wake of the Great Shift he knew that his career would be over. He had swapped bodies with the only female sword swallower in the circus. She was on stage at the time of the Shift. He nearly freaked out when it occured, and there was a volunteer from the audience (who luckily never swapped with anyone) pulling a sword out of his throat. He passed the dressing rooms to stand outside of the tent the performance was taking place in. He felt silly wearing her elaborate costume, but the feeling of silliness was quickly replaced with a feeling of depression. He was sure he wasn't going to able to do the sword swallowing routine, and he was certainly no strongman anymore. But the circus was the only life he knew; what would he do?

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