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Saturday, January 30, 2010


It was the same thing every day for nerdy third-grader, Mikey Smith. A sixth-grade bully by the name of Rick O'Connor. Rick would push Mikey off his bike, take his lunch money, and torment the poor child. Mikey had hoped the Great Shift would change this bullying. After all, he was much bigger now that he switched bodies with his neighbor! He was out on his bike for the first time since the Shift, picking up some groceries for his mom when a strange looking woman knocked him over. Mikey started crying as he collected the spilled groceries from the sidewalk as the woman kicked his bike. With the way this bully moved and acted, Mikey knew who it had to be, Rick. Considering that they were both in a similar post-Shift situation, Mikey would've hoped that Rick would've been nicer to him, but he appeared to be meaner and angrier than ever.

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