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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You can't fix it!?

Dr. Martin Carter had ran an ad in the paper offering good pay to be the test subject of his new mindswapping machine. The only person to respond was a young woman named Tanya. With little choice, Dr. Carter knew that he'd have to use be the other subject. He hooked both himself and Tanya up to his machine and activated it. Within moments, he was inside Tanya's lucious black body, and she was inside his pale, frail frame. A few sparks on the machine caused the doctor to rush over to see what had happened, but it was all a confusing mess to him. He must've miscalcuated and failed to translate his full knowledge and skills to Tanya's body. He couldn't even figure out how to reactivate the machine! Instead, he had all of her skills--he instinctly knew now to put on make-up! He turned to Tanya to ask her to switch them back, but she took one look at the machine and somehow knew that it was fried. She didn't know how, but she sort of had the feeling that she could fix it. It would take about a week, and in that time, Dr. Carter would have to live Tanya's life. Having the knowledge of a high school drop out and working in a shoe store in that time was frustrating for him. He was thankful when he saw his old body enter the shop, but Tanya had bad news. She would not be able to repair the machine. His eyes went wide, "What chu mean you can't fix it!?" He couldn't believe that he even had Tanya's accent now!


  1. classic, one of my all time favorites! Wickedly funny & great use of pic, great story! I personally don't believe Tanya! I hope poor Dr Carter enjoys HER new life as an ignorant high school drop out! BUt at least he's hot!

  2. One of my all time favorites. Maybe he could go back to school and get some sort of education, I wonder if he would now choose a completely different major or if he would even end up choosing a different career like a beautician or something.