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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Popular (Part 3)

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The first thing Jeremy in Megan's body was go into the department store and pick up the things he knew that his family still needed. He smiled as he paid for the products with Megan's credit card. She was so spoiled and rich that he was glad he could use some of her money to help out his poor family. He had planned to just leave the items on the doorstep or something but changed his mind when he saw Megan still outside of the store in Jeremy's body.

"Oh, Jeremy, there you are," Jeremy said snidely to his old body, "Here are some things that I think your mom and dad need. You better hurry up and get home. They expected you to be home about 20 minutes ago! Now if you don't mind I have a date with MY boyfriend. He called MY cell phone while I was inside. Maybe I will have SEX with MY boyfriend late."

Megan's eyes lit up, "You will NOT be losing my virginity while you're in my body, you little perv..."

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