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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Take Your Daughter to Work Day (Part 6)

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Despite all the hardships that Justin had gone through with his wife, he still hadn't forgotten the promise he made to his daughter, Liz, when they first swapped bodies. He continued to exercise an hour every morning, keeping her body sexy, fit, and shapely. It was hard for him. Even a year later, he was still uncomfortable the way the breasts would bounce as he ran, or the way his legs would rub together with no penis there. He only imagined Liz had it worse, having gone through her freshman year of college as a middle aged man.


  1. Whats happen with Liz? Does she make sex with her old mother? She is finally in the body of her father. Their little sister needs a daddy. And her mother a

  2. I'll leave what happens to Liz up to your imagination!