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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Steve and John knew they'd be in trouble if anyone knew that they had taken one of two idols from the museum where they worked as security guards, but considering the legends of what the idols did, they just had to try them out. The one they took seemed to work well. The idol sucked out the souls of the two women leaving their bodies limp. The men were nowconfident that the second idol would work as well, which would put their own souls into the bodies of these two girls. However, the second idol was still back at the museum, so they needed to get the girls' bodies there. They hesistated putting the girls lifeless bodies in the backseat, thinking it might look suspicious, so they tried to stick them in the trunk. This too proved to be problematic, but after several hours of adjusting, they managed to fit them in. They arrived at the museum with only a short time before the morning guards would arrive. They dragged the two girls into the museum and initiated the second idol. Both men couldn't be happier in their new, sexy bodies. But the question of what to do with their old bodies remained. Should they leave them there soulless and lifeless or free the souls of the women into their old bodies?

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