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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bottom line

Mrs. Wong had been so annoyed with her husband ever since the Great Shift had put him into the body of this young woman. He was acting like a whole new person. He was no longer as affectionate to her, his natural sense of modesty was certainly gone, and he hadn't helped in the store they owned together ONCE since the Shift. Tonight he had come into the store to "pick some things up." His wife glared at him after seeing what he was grabbing, which included cigarettes and a box of condoms. Mr. Wong told her to relax, that they were for friends he was hanging out with that night. He'd worry about the cost to his store's bottom line later.

"OUR store's bottom line," his wife reminded him.

Mr. Wong rolled his eyes. She hadn't switched bodies in the Great Shift. How thought that she couldn't possibily understand what he was going through. This was a second chance at life for him, and this time he wanted to have a little fun. What was so hard for her to understand about that?

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