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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Popular (Part 4)

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Jeremy didn't actually plan to sleep with Megan's boyfriend while he was in her body, but he had enjoyed tormenting her with the idea. However, her boyfriend, Chad, had called, and Jeremy couldn't resist the opportunity to cause a little trouble, especially since Chad was also a member of the popular crowd that had teased Jeremy quite frequently. Jeremy arrived at the spot where he had told Chad to meet him. His plan was quite simple: break Chad's heart. As he was inside Megan's body, Jeremy would simply dump Chad. He smiled as he thought about exactly what he would say. Claiming lesbianism might be fun, but then he'd imagine Chad would just ask to watch. Announcing cheating on him might be nice, but with who? His smile grew even wider. He needed only think about his friends, the fellow nerds and outcasts.

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