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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Idols (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

After using an ancient idol inside the museum to steal the bodies of two women, Steve and John heard the morning guards arriving. With no time left, they slipped out the back entrance leaving their old bodies inside lifeless and soulless while the women's bodies were trapped in another idol at the museum. They walked the streets outside of the museum, which was in the Chinatown neighborhood of the city. The two caught their breath in an alley not far away. John pulled out a cigarette and a cell phone from the woman's pocket. However, while the symbols on the keys seemed familiar he was having a hard time when he thought about dialing. As he spoke to express these concerns, strange words came out. It seems he could only speak in a language that had been dead for thousands of years. He looked around and was releaved to be able to read any english signs, but he couldn't say the words for some reason. It got worse when Steve tried to question, but spoke in the same unknown language. The two men were able to understand the world around them just fine but were simply now unable to communicate in english! Something had gone very wrong when the idol put their souls in these women's bodies!

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