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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sidelined (Part 3)

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Click here for part 2.

It was now seveal months into the school year, and a while since Michael had his body stolen by the foreign exchange student, Keiko. Several things had caught him off guard. The first was when she asked him out! He had agreed, but only so that he could keep an eye on his old body. The next was as Keiko's hair grew out to it's natural black. Apparently, she dyed of the many girlie things that Michael refused to do. He did continue Keiko's home economics class and was surprised to find himself quite good at it! In fact, there were a lot of skills he had forgotten he had simply because he had been so focused on football these past few years. If he wasn't so angry at Keiko for stealing his body, he'd thank her.

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