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Friday, January 29, 2010

The jazz singer (Part 1)

Christopher had taken his girlfriend to the jazz club for a nice evening: a meal, a few drinks, and a good time. He hadn't expected to be instantly tantilized by the jazz singer who took to the stage that night. She not only had an amazing voice, but she was also incredibly sexy. It wasn't long before the look of jealousy was upon his girlfriend's face, but Christopher was oblivious. He was simply hypnotized by her singing. He mind just seemed to drift off as she finished the last song of the evening's first set, almost as if he was floating beside himself, but then the audience applause snapped him back, but something now felt strange. He had been sitting down before his mind drifted, but now he was standing up. He perception had changed; he was in a different part of the room, and not just anywhere--he was on stage! There was a microphone with his hand. It took a moment for his brain to put the pieces together, but then he reached a hand down to feel a tight ass under a silky dress. He ran his hands up his new curves. Somehow he had swapped bodies with the jazz singer!

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