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Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm the babysitter now!

Margaret was babysitting Taylor, a true spoiled brat of a boy. Truth be told though, Margaret wasn't much better herself. She had tried to send him to bed a half hour early since her boyfriend was coming over. She protested, saying that it was still light out, but she insisted, forcd him into his PJs, and locked him in his room. While Margaret prepped herself by washing her hair and doing her makeup, Taylor plotted his revenge. As she exited the bathroom, she felt woozy and found herself in Taylor's room. The door opened and the next thing she knew her own body was towering over her.
"I'm the babysitter now!" Taylor exclaimed from Margaret's body, "And you are the grounded little boy! Now don't bother ME as I go greet MY boyfriend!"
Margaret was horrified. She only hoped that Taylor would swap them back at the end of the night, and that her boyfriend didn't try anything with her body while Taylor was inside of it...

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