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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hit the Showers

Jason hit the showers after a visit to the pool. A little bit of spilled soap, and he ended up falling and hitting his head of the shower wall. Waking up a little bit later, the water was still running over him, but he jerked back a little when he saw the other people in the shower. They were women in various states of undress. At first he wondered why so many women were in the men’s locker room. Then he realized that he wasn’t in the men’s locker room, he was in the women’s, and -- even stranger -- he was in a woman’s body! He tried his best not to panic. He just dried himself off and removed the swimsuit. He really had no way to tell which set of clothes just outside the shower actually belonged to this woman, but he took his best guess and told himself someone would yell at him if he was wrong. He questioned if he picked correctly. The bra felt too tight and the skirt felt way too short. Still, there was no one screaming that he had stolen their clothes. But who was he? He thought about waiting around to see if anyone recognized him, but he wondered if that might be even more awkward.

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