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Friday, August 28, 2015

Physical Therapy

The invention of body swapping had some big implications in the medical world. Cliff had never dreamed of body swapping with anyone until he got into an accident at work and required physical therapy. Instead of going through the grueling ordeal himself, he simply swapped bodies with his physical therapist for a while. She knew exactly what to do to get his body back on track and she had the psychological training to get herself through it at a rapid pace. Cliff, meanwhile, was pretty amazed by the physical therapist’s body. He was able to do things he had never even dreamed of in his own body. He was wondering if what sort of condition he’d get his own body back in. Would it be passable? Just as it was before? Or maybe even better than ever? Of course, at this point, he wished he never had to go back to his own body at all. But he knew this swap was only temporary.

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