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Sunday, August 9, 2015


Peter hadn’t exactly taken it seriously when he was told he was cursed by his ex-girlfriend, doomed to switch bodies with anyone he slept with. It wasn’t until he first one night stand after the relationship ended that he realized the curse was real. He woke up inside the body of the woman he had slept with the night before. He begged to sleep with her again, but she seemed far too happy to be in Peter’s body. Desperate, Peter hit up bars and clubs looking for people to swap with. He felt so uncomfortable flirting and hitting on guys, but they never seem to notice the disgusted look on his face. And then, after teasing the guys for a while, he could never seem to go through with bringing them to bed. The thought of sleeping with someone as a woman just seemed too weird to Peter. But until he did, he’d be stuck as a woman!

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