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Saturday, August 1, 2015


It was the third time Chris had violated his probation. The judge was getting quite upset with Chris, but didn’t want to simply send him to jail since Chris was a celebrity and the public outcry would be incredible. So the judge decided on a rather unique form of punishment, considering the original crime in question. For the next 90 days, Chris would truly have to understand what it meant to be a woman. He’d undergo a procedure to transform his body. The judge expected Chris would be hiding out for most of the time. However, Chris surprised everyone when he continued performing despite his transformed body. In fact, by the time the 90 days were over, he made a special plea to the judge to keep his new body. The judge smiled, hoping that Chris finally learned his lesson, but he also realized that an even better punishment would be to end Chris’s time as a woman and force him to go back to being male. Chris was devastated.

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