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Friday, July 31, 2015

Number 10

Once a month for the past year, Alberto had been attending a body swapping convention. The process was simple. You’d swap bodies with someone at the beginning of the day and get a number. The number would allow you to claim your body at the end of the day. It had gone off without a hitch each time. He’s been older, younger, fatter, skinnier, female, male, and just about every different type of person he could imagine.

This time was different. Right before it was time to swap back, another swapper noticed his number. The burly man suggested a trade. They should each swap their original number. That way they’d be able to swap bodies for an entire month instead of just a day. Alberto knew it was technically against the rules, but he was sort of curious; an entire month as someone else could be interesting. But he also knew zero about this person’s original body. Eventually, he accepted and handed over his own number while getting the number “10” back in return.

He was nervous when it was time to switch back. But it went off without a hitch. Instead of ending up back in his own body, he was in the body of a gorgeous asian woman. This was certainly going to be an interesting month! In fact, he was already thinking about not going back and keeping this body for good!

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  1. WOW! Gret story. I love wroong person swapped back type stories. Don't know how i issed this one