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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tech (Part 2)

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Harvey began to grow impatient. She said fifteen minutes, right? It had to be at least half an hour since she called at this point. He couldn’t imagine what would be keeping her. He considered the idea of her wanting to steal his body quite impossible. Why would she want to be a forty year old, overweight, truck driver? He couldn’t imagine anyone else would be happy with his body. Heck, the only reason he wanted it back was because it was his and what he was used to. He couldn’t begin to imagine getting used to the skinny, feminine body he was currently in. But what if he had to? What if she didn’t come to switch them back? What if something had happened to her on the way to fix this? What if she had died? Would that mean he was stuck like this? His mind started to race as another fifteen minuted passed. She still hadn’t shown up.

Finally, a man exited the building and turned to look in Harvey’s direction. “Are you done your smoke break yet, Sue?” He asked.

Harvey nervous nodded and followed the man back into the building. Maybe there were answers in there. She did say this was caused by a device created by her company, right?

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