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Friday, July 17, 2015

Perfect Wife

Kimberly looked down at the glasses. She had played the role of the perfect wife for years, but she’s only have to play the role for a few more hours until the liquid she spiked the drinks with would take effect. By the time morning hits, she will have swapped bodies with her unsuspecting husband, Dave. She smiled as she thought about it. She loved Dave on some level, but the reason she married him was for this moment -- to take over his life, to become him. He was rich, successful, and handsome. It was the life she wanted. And she had pretended to be the exact type of woman he wanted -- feminine, submissive, and obedient. It was difficult for her to keep to ruse up for several years, but waking up in the morning as Dave would mean it would all be worth it. Then he’d be the one stuck in this body. And she’d expect him to be just as good a wife as she had been!


  1. wonederfully wickedly funny! Great story & super use of pikc. Great story, one of your best

  2. Amazing one of your best caps yet.
    Could you please provide the links to where you get your pics from?