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Monday, July 6, 2015


William sighed as he slouched in his chair. This was supposed to be the best summer of his life before heading off to college in the fall. Instead, thanks to the Great Shift, he was stuck in one of the bodies of his former high school teachers. He knew it could have been worse; he could’ve swapped with one of the teachers about to retire. Instead, he was only about fifteen to twenty years older than he had been. Still, he was a little jealous of his classmates, most of whom had just swapped with other students. They all sort of treated him like a parent anytime they hung out these days. No matter how much they all knew otherwise, it was hard to treat him like who he was instead of who he looked like. He just hoped someone found a way to reverse this whole body swap thing before summer was over. He didn’t want to start college in this body!


  1. good story use ofpic, & poepl do judge large on apperences, too true

  2. I'm having trouble viewing any of your older captions. Do you have any idea where I can find them?