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Thursday, July 9, 2015


When Steven had first been given the magic wand by his grandmother, he had a hard time believing it was actually magic. But she had seemed so sincere, telling him he just needed to wave it and magic would happen. He first attempted to do it in front of her, but nothing happened. She smiled and told him he needed to be alone for any magic to work. He didn’t think about it again until he found himself alone in the stock room at work. Taking a little extra time to goof off in the back room wasn’t uncommon. He pulled out the wand, and that was apparently enough of a wave as shocks flew out the end. The next thing he knew, his body was transformed. He was now -- a woman! He rushed to a mirror in the employee break room. He recognized her; she was upfront shopping. Or at least she was. Had he simply transformed into her or had he swapped bodies with her? Was she now up front in his body shopping? If he was now her double, wouldn’t she be freaked out to see herself emerging from the back? He decided he should change back. He pulled out the wand again, but nothing happened. He started to panic until he heard a toilet flush in one of the stalls -- it wouldn’t work because he wasn’t alone anymore. That had to be it, right? He just needed to find some place where he could be alone, then he could get back to normal. He was sure of it.

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