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Friday, July 24, 2015

Helping Out

James thought he was simply doing his girlfriend, Amy, a favor. She had gotten in trouble at school, and he had used a spell that would temporarily allow him to possess her mom’s body for the parent-teacher conference. He smiled as the teacher explained the extent of Amy’s misbehavior, and he said he’d deal with her at home. Of course, this was all just to prevent Amy’s mom from finding out what happened. James smiled even bigger as he thought about how smart his plan had been. There was only one problem, after several hours, he had failed to return to his own body. He wondered if he had messed up the possession somehow. He decided it would be a bad idea to tell Amy. She might be upset that he possessed her mom -- even if was to keep her from getting in trouble. He was still stuck the next morning. He was really worried by this point, but he continued to pretend to be Amy’s mom as he dropped her off at school. But when he was there, he caught sight of his own body. He was puzzled. He was possessing Amy’s mom; who the heck was controlling his body?

1 comment:

  1. GReat storyh. I am hoping formore. I likeit that he does a hgod job eing her. I suspetc it the mom in his yung male body, she did OK - lots younger & stroonher. I wonder how she will likke having her daughter for a GF? LOL!