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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Had to Be Her

Doug looked down on the crowd below him. He had to make a choice -- to pick which person’s body he was going to take. There were a lot of people down there; he could have just about any body he wanted. Then he saw her, a platinum blond in a leather jacket. He hadn’t considered being a woman until he saw her, but something about it just felt right. He knew now that all he had to do was focus. He could feel his body reshaping. He could feel his pants tighten around a new shapely butt. The pants rode low and he could feel a breeze on his new fit belly. He felt the heels on his feet. And he looked down to see his former body. He knew she wouldn’t even realize the swap for a while. He felt bad about taking her body, but he also knew he had to pick someone. It just happened to be her.

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