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Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Gavin stood outside his apartment as the movers headed in and out, loading up the van. If this had been two months ago, Gavin could’ve done this all himself. Of course, two months ago, there would’ve never been a reason for him to move. That was before the Great Shift, the massive worldwide body swapping event that caused him to end up in the body of a woman. His wife had a new body as well, but she remained female. At first, their relationship stayed mostly the same. But as the weeks passed, Gavin began to embrace his new femininity more and more. It started with a few little things; Gavin saw a cockroach in the kitchen and shrieked. He began to put on make up, dress in high heels and skirts, go the beauty salon and get manicures, and so on. The thing that finally ended it was when she realized how much Gavin really wanted to be with a man.

So now Gavin stood outside, truly ready to begin his new life after the Shift. He thought about helping out the movers for a minute -- sort of remembering a little piece of his old self -- then he thought he might break a nail, so he just stayed watching.

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