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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Luke knew he should probably feel bad about what he did to his brother Will. When his wife Alana had divorced him, Luke had used an experimental device to transform Will into her exact double. But that wasn’t the part that was really nagging him. It was the mental change she had made to his brother with the device. He had outlined personality traits he wanted in a perfect wife, and Will’s mind had been transformed as well. This was bothering Luke one day as Will walked down the stairs.

“I am ready for the party tonight? How do I look?” Will asked, “I can’t wait for some fun after the party either!”

Luke’s jaw nearly dropped, forgetting his concerns. Alana never would’ve worn something so sexy and revealing. They kissed, and Luke got instantly excited for later.

Then Will whispered in Luke’s ear, “But, first, Bro, let me down a couple brews. I’m totally pre-gaming.” Then he grabbed a beer and chips, sat wide-legged on the couch and started watching some TV.

This was always the awkward parts for Luke, when elements of Will still showed up. When he still acting like a dude no matter what else was going on. He began to get a little worried about ‘later.’

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