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Saturday, July 25, 2015


The ruins in discovered in the center of the city had been quite a surprise and soon became a popular destination for researchers and tourists alike. It was astonishing how a large find could go undiscovered for so long. Matthew had gone down to the ruins with a tour group. A strange blue light surrounded them as they entered a room. When they exited, Matthew felt different. When he looked down, he discovered he swapped bodies with another person on the tour -- an absolutely gorgeous woman in tight pants and high heels. He wanted to say something, but no one else seemed to be questioning what had happened. Even his own body was acting normal. Was he the only one who was even aware that anything had happened. He sat just outside the ruins as the rest of the group went on. This was a lot to wrap his head around. Would he even be able to explain to anyone what had happened? Would it happen again if he went back in?

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