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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bus Station

Ryan awoke feeling groggy. He looked around. It was funny. He hadn’t remembered falling asleep at the bus station; he didn’t even seem to recall going to the bus station. Yet here he was, waking up in one of the chairs. He stretched out and could suddenly feel a very different body from the one he went to sleep with. He was a woman. He tried to calmly assess the situation. He was in a woman’s body at the bus station. He woke a leather jacket, some tight pants, a pair of boots, and a ball cap. There was a purse -- he immediately dug in. There didn’t seem to be any ID, but there was plenty of cash. He bought a coffee and continued to evaluate his situation. What was he going to do? The cash in that purse wouldn’t last forever, but it was enough to get him plenty of places (he was at the bus station after all). His first thought: buy a ticket and head back to his own house to approach the person now in his body. His other option: buy a ticket far away and start a new life with this great body/