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Friday, July 3, 2015


Just before his car accident, the only thing on Jim’s mind was the argument with his wife. He had been pressuring her to get a boob job, but she was offended by the mere suggestion and flat out refused. Jim was angry, so angry he didn’t see the stop sign resulting in a crash. He awoke in a strange room, but that wasn’t the worst part. He had awoken in what was clearly someone else’s body. He looked down to find that it was a woman’s body with rather enormous breasts. He was convinced he had died and that this was some sort of unique ironic hell after the argument he had with his wife. After a few hours of panic, he started to settle down. A different thought came over him. He realized he had exactly what he had desired right below him. He didn’t have to pressure his wife, and he could enjoy breasts any time he wanted now just by looking down. They were a bit larger and heavier than he expected, but he really wasn’t complaining. He started to think that this may not be hell at all; maybe this was heaven!

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