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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Time and Space

Trent and Nicole had been fooling around with old equipment in the library when the machines started to spark. They were soon sucked across time and plopped into bodies using the machines fifty years ago, back when they were new. Nicole started to immediately fiddle knobs, hoping to return to her own body and time. Trent seemed a bit more hesitant.

“I honestly have no idea what I’m doing with this old piece of crap,” He said in frustration, “Maybe being a woman is not so bad.”

“Maybe being a woman in our time isn’t so bad, but do you really want to be one NOW? We’ve been brought years into the past. Women’s lib is just starting. You’ll probably have to get married in a few years, be expected to pop out some kids, and then stay at home to raise them. Forget about a career or independence.”

Trent sighed as the two went back to work. Finally, after twenty four hours of straight work, they triggered the weird phenomenon again. However, they ended up in each other’s bodies. Trent shrugged despite Nicole’s pleadings to attempt a switch back. He decided that being a woman in present day wouldn’t be so bad.

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