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Thursday, August 13, 2015

How to Get Ahead in Business

Justin had just started interning last week, and suddenly he found himself CEO of the company. Or, more accurately, he found himself inside the CEO’s body. It was all thanks to a strange device being tested to rejuvenate a person’s youth. Not that CEO Melissa Johnson needed it -- she looked great for her age -- but she still insisted on testing it in front of the entire company. Justin hadn’t been an intended target; he was just in the room at the time. Everyone pledged to keep the swap a secret. If anything leaked, it would be sure to spook many of the investors. As a result, Justin had to keep up appearances as Ms. Johnson, which meant a lot of public appearances. However, behind the scenes, he got to relax while she continued to make all of the important decisions. He hoped they were able to reverse this swap soon.

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