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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

BodyCaching (Part 1)

Once a body swapping device had been created, all sorts of inventive activities soon began. BodyCaching quickly became quite popular. Using a GPS, BodyCachers would find a buried swapping device and soon switch bodies with the previous person who found the cache, leaving the code for their body for the next person. Ted had been enjoying BodyCaching for about a year now, never regretting giving up his original body. Most of the time, he usually swapped with other guys -- most other BodyCachers were male -- but upon digging up the latest device, he was quite surprised by the female body he ended up in. It wasn’t the first time he considered quitting the whole BodyCaching scene and keeping a body for good. However, the activity was quite addictive. The longest he had gone without swapping was about two months. He told himself he was going to keep this body for good, but in the back of his mind, he wondered how long it would be before he got sick of it and started on a new Cache.

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