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Monday, August 17, 2015


Henry’s wife had suggested he take the class. He wasn’t sure about it at first. He had been hesitant to even leave the house ever since the Great Shift, but he decided it might not be bad to meet people in the same situation as him. He had found himself in the body of a woman, and he had just felt so uncomfortable. The class aimed to help men deal with their new bodies. The first class was all about walking in high heels. But before they began, everyone had to strip down to their bra and panties. Henry felt so awkward doing so, but the instructor said the class was about feeling more comfortable in their bodies, and there was no better way to do this. Then the heels came out. But it wasn’t just walking they had to do. By the end of the class, everyone was forced to do some jogging in place, a little stretching, some yoga, and so much more. Henry was surprised at how quickly he adapted. He had tried heels at home to no avail, but being forced in this sort of situation was different, and he was now picking it up like a natural. He couldn’t wait for the next class!

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