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Sunday, August 23, 2015


Always eager to test out the latest tech, Kyle was quick to put on the virtual reality helmet. As soon as he did so, lights started to flash in his face. It was so strange -- he literally felt like he was in a different place. Even looking down, it actually felt like he was in a totally different body. As he was being rushed out, he soon discovered that in this virtual world, he was a fashion model walking down the runway. He was taken aback by how real it all felt. Not only could he feel the dress pushing in on his frame and the heels on his feet, he also felt the smoothness of his new body, the taste of lipstick on his lips, even the heat from the lights and the smell of perfume. Walking down the runway was so natural for him; he figured that was all in the program. He went down and back, and soon several pairs of hands changing him out of one dress, putting him into another, and sent him down again. Upon returning for a second time, the hands were at it again. But this time, they also reached for the helmet. He sighed, thinking this was the end of the whole thing. But he was surprised. Even once they took off the helmet, he was still backstage at the fashion show, and he still had the body of a model. But if the helmet was off, how was he ever going to escape this virtual world?

1 comment:

  1. wondeful story & use of pic. But I wonderif it was a virtual world? Maybe the model wanted to ecapoe intohis body?