Saturday, September 19, 2009

Straight to voicemail

"Leslie, where are you? We were supposed to meet here now to swap back. What? Why are you over there? You don't understand, if we don't switch back before sunset we'll be stuck as each other forever! What do you mean that's okay? No! No, you can't do this to me. I mean, it's been fun being you for the day, but, Leslie...Leslie? Don't hang up on me! Damn!" Ryan redialed Leslie only to hear the phone go straight to voicemail...

Shopping Spree (Part 2)

For part one, click here.

Well THAT didn't last long. The government program set up to help people like Philip (men stuck in women's bodies as a result of the Great Shift) just didn't last long enough. His wardrobe was so filled with last season's clothes and with the program expired, he couldn't afford any new ones. Maybe he'd have to find a husband to buy him all the fabulous clothes he could ever want! Now, where could he get one of those husband things...

Cherry farmer

Zeke had never approved of the way his daughter had dressed. He often thought about removing her from his will unless she learned to be a decent young woman. She  laughed, knowing that he would never have the guts to remove her from any inheritance; she was guaranteed to get a large portion of the family cherry farm. When the Great Shift hit, he was ashamed to be in her body, being forced to wear her skimpy clothes until the stores reopened. Plus, Zeke started to find it difficult to keep his workers focused on farming cherries when it was apparent that the only cherry they were interested in wasn't in the trees.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Washed up

When Robin fell overboard during a storm, he didn't expect to survive. He accepted what he assumed would be his fate and let the ocean swallow him. Much to his surprise, he awoke several hours later washed ashore on a beach. He guessed they were closer to shore than he thought, and that the curent and tide had brought him back to land. Of course, finding land was much easier to explain than the fact that he was now in the body of a sexy woman wearing a skimpy bikini. Many men often talked about the sea doing strange things, but nothing like this!

Kindergarten (Part 2)

For part one, click here.

It took a while, but James finally found a classmate and friend who wasn't making fun of him. Timmy hadn't been friends with James before the Shift, and switching with a girl in the class made him quiet and shy. Until one day, he couldn't take the rest of the class teasing James anymore, and he finally spoke up in defense. James and Timmy then became fast friends, and the teachers were hopeful that they each could help the other out in this difficult time.

Breaking barriers

Bernie was proud of his son Troy. Despite the Great Shift swapping them both into women's bodies, Troy hadn't let it get him down. He still continued striving for his dream of becoming a star quarterback. In fact, he was doing quite well. He was already one of the best in the state...if not THE best. If recruited, he'd be the first female quarterback at the college level. The Great Shift broke all sort of barriers in that way.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Tommy couldn't believe it; his father's bodyswitching machine actually worked. As he exited the chamber now in his sister's body, he opened the door to the other chamber to find his sister, very pissed off, in his body. He tried to act as upset about the swap as she was, but the giant smile on his face revealed how happy he actually was. And considering the machine wouldn't be able to swap them back for 24 hours, he set off to continue on his sister's plans, which was simply a day at the beach.

The button

"What does this button do?" Al asked right before slamming down on it.

"Don't press that!!" Don screamed but not soon enough. What Al didn't know was that each press of the button completely changed reality in various unpredictable ways. Al's press turned Don and Al into women. Don wondered what greater changes the button inflicted on the universe. It turned out that it wasn't just him and Al, but everyone in the world had spontaneously changed genders. The only weird part was that only Al and Don seemed to notice.


A group of neighborhood boys were playing street hockey in the parking lot outside their school one Saturday when an event which would come to be known as the Great Shift occured. In their new bodies, the boys couldn't think of any place else to meet except back at the school. One of the boys sulked from the body of his little sister; another one flexed the muscles of his big brother's body. However, the biggest shock was clearly Malcolm Reese, the fat kid who they always made play goalie. He swapped bodies with the hottest woman in the neighborhood. All the boys were drooling when he arrived.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The two students, Max and Patricia, had been examining the device their college professor had given them. After hours of looking at it, they still couldn't figure out what it did or how it worked. In a moment of frustration, Max threw it down on the ground when it started to glow. Both were shocked when the device apparently started activiting. They were completely surprised at what it actually did when the lights went out, and they found out that they were in each other's bodies. Max, now in Patricia's body, threw the device down again, hoping to reactivate it, but to no success. They were stuck!

Media Frenzy

When bodyswapping technology was invented in 2109, Congress quickly passed legislation making it illegal to switch with an unwilling party. However, criminals who were constanly switching bodies were often difficult to catch. After three years of chasing, police finally caught one of the most notorious body stealers, Eugene R. Morris. His arrest in the body of a young woman was a media frenzy.


The weird old man who sold Mark the spellbook told him that it could do some powerful things, so he wasn't all that surprised to cast a spell that swapped him with a sunbather. It was off that she didn't seem to notice. He watched as he old body continued to tan on the beach wearing his baggy shirt and jeans and checking out men passing by. He quickly searched for a reversal spell...he didn't want to be stuck like this!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How? (Part 1)

Jerry was a closet crossdresser. He never let anyone know about his secret activity. However, one day while he was relaxing at home, he suddenly found himself in public wearing women's clothes! At first a feeling of embarrassment came over him--how had this happened? Was this some sort of sleepwalking? Then he realized that the clothes he was wearing didn't belong to him. He didn't own those cute yellow shoes, a plaid shirt, or a leather skirt. Then he noticed the shaved legs sticking out of the skirt, and the pair of small, perky breasts poking out of his shirt. They certainly weren't his! He wasn't just wearing women's clothes--he was a woman! But how did it happen!?


Robert sighed. Why did this have to happen to him? This was probably some sort of a wetdream for some nerdy kid, to be transformed into some cosplaying asian chick, but not him. He was blonde haired, blue eyed, and ruggedly handsome...or at least he used to be! As he asked around, apparently he wasn't the only one who had switched bodies; they were calling it a "Great Shift." Worse still was that he couldn't find a change of clothes anywhere...this was humiliating.

Witch switch

"Standing up while this thing is moving seems pretty dangerous..."

"Be quiet, Honey! We need to find that weird witch that swapped our bodies with that weird spell...Unless you want to wear boxer shorts and shave your face for the rest of your life."

The married pair were searching everywhere for the witch that had switched their bodies. They weren't sure why she had done it, but they weren't happy that she did!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Infiltration (Part 1)

"Check. Check. This is Agent Dell Vance reporting back to headquarters. I have infiltrated this criminal mastermind's homebase inside the body of one of his dancing girls. He is unaware of our bodyswapping technology and has no clue that I am now her. She is tied up in my body in a janitor's closet. I should have this bastard taken down within the hour."


Brett shot an evil glare across the room back to his old body. He knew whoever was in his body must be the one responsible for the swap. However, how would he confront her about it in this crowded room without seeming psychotic? He had to plan his next move carefully if he wanted to get his body back.


Thomas stood on the beach, letting the wind blow through his new hair. Just weeks ago, he had been confined to the hospital with a terminal illness, but the Great Shift had given him a second chance at life. He was happy that he had swapped into someone around his own age, but wished it wasn't a woman's body. Still, could he really complain? As he thought about it, he couldn't help but feel bad for whoever got stuck with his old body. Maybe he'd go to med school and dedicate his life to finding a cure.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Trent was so engrossed in the movie that he hadn't noticed the Great Shift had happened, swapping him into the body of a leggy woman in a short dress. The only thing that struck him as odd was the bag of popcorn that somehow got into his hand. Of course, he wasn't going to say no to free popcorn.


Abe was really regretting telling his sister that her life was easy. After making the comments, a power above them overheard and swapped their bodies. He was having a lot of trouble with her job as a waitress, dropping food, spilling drinks, and dealing with the advances of male customers. His only consolation was that she wasn't doing much better at his job as a stock broker; of course, if they ever switched back, her failures would become his problems.

The Champ

The managers of boxing champion Joe Willis had little concern for their own problems when the Great Shift hit (the three men were all switched with three female boxers); their concern was for their star. If he couldn't fight, it would mean the end of his career...and theirs! They were shocked to see a 90-pound Asian woman enter their office, who declared, "I'm ready to go!" The managers needed to ask to be sure, "Who are you?" "What you talking about?" The Asian woman responded, "It's me, Joe, the Champ!!"