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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Derek smiled as he stumbled out of the cab. Moments ago he had been the man driving the cab, and a few weeks before that, he had been a middle-aged, middle-class single man, unhappy with his life, his go-nowhere job, and his sexless evenings. At first he cursed his luck when the cab driver stole his body. He had gone from office slave to lower class cab driver. Then he realized that with this magic taxi, he too could steal someone's life. He hadn't considered being a woman until Debbie, a spoiled, drunken party girl entered the back seat. All she could do was brag about her rich, spoiled life. Well, Derek decided that life would be his now. As she walked out, he stole her body, leaving her in the cab to fend for a new body.


  1. I'd steal a body like that too. Great caption, keep the Magic Taxi ones coming!