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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sidelined (Part 6)

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For the next year, Michael plan his next move. He read papers on the internet tracking Keiko’s success on the college football team in his body. It was an amazing record as a freshman, but it should have been HIS record. Based on bits of information from the sports pages, maps and information from the University’s website, and other assorted bits of information, he pieced together a potential schedule. He kept the bodyswapping spell with him at all times, a printed copy under his pillow at night. Once he landed in the states and settled at school, he spent two weeks figuring out where Keiko lived. He waited outside her off-campus housing, crouching in a bush. When he saw someone leaving in the morning, he cast the spell at soon as he could. Unfortunately, Keiko in his body was not even up yet. Instead, Michael ended up swaping with Keiko’s girlfriend, Misty. Misty had been heading out early to cheerleading practice; she was a star on JV and poised for captain of the Varsity squad in her Junior year, and now Michael was in her body. A year of planning and two of waiting, and he just ended up in some other’s chick’s body! Keiko was still in his body. He was in Misty’s body. And Misty was inside of Keiko’s. He took a moment to marvel at his new reflection, but when he looked back to the bush where he had hidden, Misty in Keiko’s body was gone! Along with the printout of the spell--Michael’s only copy in the states!

1 comment:

  1. ROFLOL! OOPS! what a tangled web! Thanks for continuing the series. It seems its his destiny to be Keiko's girlfriend, LOL I wonder whats going to happen now - will the cheerleader swap into Mike's old body?

    PS Sorry I still can't believe Keiko would leave the spelling laying around!