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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


In the moments after first swapping bodies, Bill was freaking out to find himself in Tanya’s body. He felt weird wearing a tight leather dress and having breasts hanging from his chest. Tanya in Bill’s body was much more calm. She figured that if they had swapped bodies, there meant that there had to be a way to switch back. Considering they just swapped randomly out of the blue, if they just waited it out, they would swap back much the same way.

In a month, their outlooks would change as well. Tanya was getting less and less hopeful that they would switch back as easily as they had initially swapped. Meanwhile, Bill was just getting used to having Tanya’s body, thinking it might not be so bad to be in her body in the long run. After all, she was years younger. The extra time he gained might be worth losing his manhood.