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Friday, November 26, 2010

Continuing where she stopped

When Brian stumbled upon a book in the library with a bodyswapping spell in it, he was skeptical, but for some reason, he just felt compelled to see if it worked. He copied it down in a notebook and for weeks thought about who he should test it on. A classmate? One of his teachers? He ultimately decided on someone more anonymous by renting a hotel room and ordering a hooker--they weren’t the type to ask questions, you know? She was a no nonsense woman who quickly stripped to her bustier, but that’s when Brian stopped her. He lied by saying he wanted to recite some poetry before they got down and dirty. The hooker shrugged. Whatever floated the guy’s boat, she guessed. He spoke the spell and quickly found himself in her body. She was shocked, but before she could react, Brian knocked her out. He sat back down, still sort of in awe that the spell actually worked. But then, instead of swapped back into his unconscious body, he became instantly curious and started continuing where the hooker stopped.


  1. Amazing erotic caption, and great use of picture, thanks :)

  2. Very good story & useof pic. I wonder if being in her bod will bite him in the ass later?

  3. hope he gets stuck in there, teach him a lesson.