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Monday, November 15, 2010

Burning hopes

Stephen was about to fail out of college; he needed an A on his calculus final to pass. He had found an old spell book with a body swap spell and came up with a devious plan. He swapped bodies with his friend, Zhang, and told her she’d have to ace his exam if she ever wanted her body back. She reluctantly agreed; what choice did she have? However, while she was out taking the test, Stephen came to a realization. Zhang’s life was so much better than his. She was smart, beautiful, and she had gotten straight As for all four years of college. Though he couldn’t help but feel guilt as he did it, Stephen felt he had no choice but to burn the spellbook and destroy all hopes of ever switching back...


  1. My kind of caption!! I LOVE IT!! Thank you :)

  2. WOW! powerful atory! First rate use of pic. I wonder how the poor girl did with his life?. An evil story that is believable

  3. Wouldn't want to leave that body myself if I got a chance to have it.