Saturday, May 15, 2010

48 hours

It was pretty bad that Lily had switched bodies with her boyfriend, Ted. She was digusted enough having to be in a man's body, but it appears the reversal spell wouldn't work for 48 hours. Until then, they'd have to live each other's lives. The first thing Lily would have to teach Ted was how to act like a lady. In her body, he sat like a man. She was just convinced he was going to totally embarrass her!

Fighting game

Brad had used the magic remote control to enter countless TV shows and movies in the past, but one day while he was playing his favorite video game, he accidentally sat on the remote and got sucked into the game. Now he was inside the Tekken video game inside the body of Zafina. He had really wished that he hadn't been playing a fighting game. Considering that everything felt so real, he wasn't looking forward to the numerous battles he was about to start fighting.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Get with the times

Despite now being inside of a young woman's body as a result of the Great Shift, the 90 year old Francis Sullivan still refused to get with the times. He still refused to use a cell phone; he preferred radio to television; he insisted on using a typewritter instead of a computer! It had always been hard for him to adapt to new technology; he hoped it wouldn't be so hard for him to adapt to his new body!


"Holy crap, Amy! We've swapped bodies! How did this happen? What are we going to do?"

"Well, George, at least you got my beautiful body out of the deal. I'm stuck with your hairy and rough male body. I feel so large and bulky."

George relaxed for a moment, "You know what, Amy? You're right! I'm feeling lucky to be a gorgeous woman like you. In fact, even if we could swap back, maybe I wouldn't." George laughed.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Dr. Henry Franks had been teaching at the University for four decades, but he had never expected anything like this to happen! An accident with an experimental supercollider in the physics department caused people all over campus to swap bodies. Henry had found himself in the body of one of his students, a sophomore by the name of Grace Ericson. He sat on the quad wondering what sort of impact this might have on his career...or is marriage!


Stephen felt a little weird when riding up the escalator. He looked back down to see a very familar figure--himself! He turned completely around, confused about what he was seeing. If his body was still down there, how was he up here. Whose body was he in? He looked down to see a shapely female body instead of his own. He wore a small tank top and even smaller jean shorts. Had he not been so much in shock, he might've run down the escalator to ask his old body just what was going on, but by the time he thought of that, his old self has disappeared into a crowd...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stuck in a dream

Larry was having the most strange and realistic dream. In it he was a woman, and he could feel the bounce of the breasts on his chest, long hair on his shoulders, and a tight pair of jeans pressed up on a flat crotch. All the sensations were all too real. An alarm clock appeared in his hands and blared. Usually this would be a point when he'd wake up, but it wasn't working. He couldn't wake up! He was stuck in this dream!

Sister's boyfriend

Ever since coming of age, Howard knew he was gay. He would crush on all of his sister's boyfriends while completely ignoring any girl who asked the handsome young man out. He would do anything to get close to one of his sister's boyfriends even if that meant stealing his sister's body. And now here he was behind the school in her body about to make to make out with her latest boyfriend. He was so excited and giddy. He'd been waiting forever for something like this.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life's a Beach (Part 2)

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Carter was feeling a little naked since the Great Shift placed him into the body of a bikini-clad woman. He decided to scope around the beach to see if he could find this woman's clothes...or even a bag with someone else's clothes! He just really felt the need to cover up--he just felt so exposed. However, he had to admit that he just might enjoy being a woman in the long run...

Pumpkin (Part 7)

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Stewart was really enjoying being in his dad Gordon's body, and his dad didn't seem to mind being in his mom's body either. The two continued to walk around the patch for a while looking at pumpkins as if nothing was amiss. However, it wasn't long before Gordon turned to Stewart (who he thought was his wife in his body) and asked about swapping back. Stewart tried to lie, but it all quickly fell apart. Gordon found out that it was his son inside his body, and that there was a magic pumpkin somewhere in the patch. Now it was all just a matter of finding it, and getting everyone back to their correct bodies...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tell it to me straight

"Tell it to me straight, Doc," John said, "Is that fancy medicine of yours going to turn me back into a man again? Ever since this damned transformation virus changed me into a woman, I've just not been happy. I know that treatment there is experimental, but I sure hope it can turn me back into a man."

Ninja (Part 2)

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While practicing a basic ninja move, Hanzo couldn't believe that he fell backwards. This was worrisome. He had used a soul swapping spell to transfer his essense into a woman's body, but he should have retained his skills. Maybe he did something wrong? He was just worried that this might affect his upcoming mission. He would have to do a bit of extra training to prepare or research to enhance the magic of the soul swap...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Never asked (Part 3)

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It wasn't long before Chuck gave up on trying to check out his own ass, and he just concentrated on enjoying his new body. He had to admit that it did feel pretty good to be an attractive woman. He pondering taking off these clothes and getting a better look at exactly how sexy his new body was.


Eric Freelander was only on the third date of his band's world tour. They were playing huge venues since scoring a Top 40 radio hit. He was in utter shock when he suddenly found himself outside the first concert hall. He tried to get back in when he was stopped by security. The head guard said he wasn't going to let some random chick into the backstage area. Eric was puzzled when the guy said "random chick," but that's when he looked down to get the shock of his life. He was in the body of a woman. In hysterics at his unbelievable situation, he demanded to be let in. However, the guard merely picked up Eric in his small, feminine body and tossed Eric to the curb.