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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First on the scene

Veteran reporter Chip Daniels had no desire to retire, but management would be forcing him out soon. They said he had put in a lot of effort over the years, and they appreciated it. But he knew what they weren’t saying, which is that they were pushing him out because he was getting too old to appeal to younger viewers. As he was reporting what he thought would be one of his final fluff pieces, something strange happened. He quickly found himself in a new body, a younger body, a female body. As others panicked, Chip saw a story. He quickly called the station to put him on live, grabbing his unshifted camera man. Before any other station, Chip Daniels was on the air reporting the strange phenomenon that had swapped the bodies of the world’s citizens. Searching for a name for the incident, he dubbed it The Great Shift, which ended up being picked up by reporters across the globe. However, Chip Daniels didn’t keep his local news job for long, but not because he was let go, but he soon found offers from national outlets pouring in. He changed his name to Danielle Chipper, and went from being an old, irrelevant reporter to a hot up-and-coming star.


  1. One of your very best captions, wonderfully sexy and a great use of picture :) Thank you!

  2. Very clever caption & very good use of pic - what a smug expression on the girls face. Typical of news TV people - no empty for the poor girl.