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Monday, May 2, 2011

Group session

Dr. Stanley Franks had been an expert on gender psychology, and after the Great Shift he founded a support group to help men who were now in the bodies of women. He was surrounded by a rather large group as he took to the microphone to address the crowd. He spoke about his own experiences dealing with being a woman and his own new sense of empowerment. However, he couldn’t feel like he was lying--every night he had to attend his own therapy session to explain how he was actually struggling to deal with his new gender. He felt like such a hypocrite.


  1. Fantastic caption, but there's no way any guy should be 'struggling' in a SEXY body like that!! I'd love to be in those boots ;)

  2. His struggle was most likely on how to avoid going boy crazy with a body like that. Great cap.

  3. funny story, good GS tale. very good use of pic

    Its very good to be able to post replies again!