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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Zapped into an anime

What an odd dream! Brian tried to remember the details of it as he awoke. It started off normally enough. He had been watching TV, eventually settling on an anime. He couldn’t remember what it was about, but the dream got weird when he went to change the channel. His remote had fallen between the couch cushions. He reached in for it, but instead discovered a different remote...a magic one! As he pressed a few buttons, he found himself zapped into the television, becoming one of the busty women in the show. The feeling of being an animated woman was truly strange. He still felt relatively human, but the skin was softer and more perfect than anything he could ever imagine. The colors were much flatter and more uniform than real life. Of course, he still felt a weight on his chest and a void between his legs, but he was a little disappointed when he tried to get a look at them and found they would become pixelated whenever he did so. He didn’t remember much of the dream after that. While it was an exciting experience, it was just a little too weird for him. But as he slowly opened his eyes to the vibrant, flatly colored world, he realized that it hadn’t been a dream at all!


  1. all i see is a grey circle with a line through it

  2. Me gusto la idea, quiero una historia asi, pero donde me convierten en futanari , pero haciendo una penetracion